5 Best Water Cooling Motherboards

If you’re in search of a water-cooled motherboard then you’ve come to the right place. Unlike traditional motherboards, water-cooled motherboards include an integrated monoblock that is not simply plows the VRM but often the CPU and chipset, as well. In particular, this modification petitions to overclockers searching for an unrivaled cooling solution. If you’ve been … Read more

4 Best DDR3 Motherboard for Gaming

Every day, more than a million new products are launched on Amazon. This means that it is becoming increasingly difficult to know which product is the best for you to buy. In this guide, I am going to discuss some things to look for when choosing the best ddr3 motherboard for gaming from Amazon to make … Read more

5 Best Motherboard for VR Gaming

At the heart of any amazing gaming PC is the motherboard. It’s the backbone of your computer that fits into the components you need to play all your favorite games. Choosing the best motherboard for VR gaming system determines the size of the case you’ll use, what your storage options are, and what CPU upgrades … Read more

5 Best Intel 300 Series Chipset Motherboards

It confirms what many users are waiting for: the arrival of variants of the cheaper 300 series chipsets that allow users to mount 8th generation Intel equipment without paying the extra cost of the high-end. It seems that during the month of March the motherboards with the H370, B360 and H310 Express chipset will arrive, … Read more

4 Best High Performance Motherboards Under 150

It’s hard to say exactly what a “budget” motherboard is, and even harder to pin down what a “gaming” motherboard is. While many times the “gaming” moniker means RGB lighting or support for the fastest RAM speeds available, the overlap between normal motherboards and those explicitly tuned for gaming is quite large. Bottom line: no, you … Read more

Best Mining Motherboard for 6 GPU

Choosing a good set up for mining Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies is important, since they are designed for that task, here are the best motherboards to mine cryptocurrencies. There are numerous accessible Cryptocurrency mining motherboards on the market. However, choosing the most ideal motherboard for your GPU can be tricky. We’ve listed our list of the best … Read more