4 Best High Performance Motherboards Under 150

It’s hard to say exactly what a “budget” motherboard is, and even harder to pin down what a “gaming” motherboard is. While many times the “gaming” moniker means RGB lighting or support for the fastest RAM speeds available, the overlap between normal motherboards and those explicitly tuned for gaming is quite large. Bottom line: no, you … Read more

Best Mining Motherboard for 6 GPU

Choosing a good set up for mining Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies is important, since they are designed for that task, here are the best motherboards to mine cryptocurrencies. There are numerous accessible Cryptocurrency mining motherboards on the market. However, choosing the most ideal motherboard for your GPU can be tricky. We’ve listed our list of the best … Read more

4 Best X99 Motherboard for Overclocking

what motherboards support intel 11th gen

Intel X99 Express chipset applied gaming motherboard launched USB 3.1 Gen2, Turbo M.2 provides the highest level of internal and external storage interface bandwidth Provides ‘ Overclock Essentials ‘ solution with 5 functions to make overclocking easier MSI official distributor of ㈜ Way Course ( representing gominjong ) is supporting the Intel Core Extreme processor ‘X99 Express ” chipset motherboards ” MSI X99A SLI KRAIT EDITION ” will be released officially . ‘MSI X99A SLI KRAIT EDITION’ features an ‘ Overclock Essential ‘ solution that makes … Read more

5 Best Motherboards for Audio Production

Motherboards are one of the most important computer components and the choice of motherboard plays a significant role in the performance and functionality of computers. Because the potential of the acquired processors, memory and many other computer parts can be used in the best way, thanks to the motherboards. In addition, the richness of data transmission … Read more

5 Best Motherboard For Workstation PC

The modular motherboard concept that we are familiar with and familiar with today was created in the 1980s by Patty McHugh, an IBM engineer. Its development made it possible to greatly simplify the way in which the various hardware components interacted and, therefore, also facilitated the design of computers. Today, motherboards are an indispensable element of computers and a … Read more

The 5 Best Motherboard For Intel X Series

The motherboard is the central pillar on which any PC is built, a well-deserved title, since on it we will have to connect such important components as the processor, RAM, graphics card and storage unit. In effect, the motherboard acts as a link between the different components of the PC, either totally or partially. For example, the fans are not installed … Read more