5 Best Motherboards for Audio Production

Motherboards are one of the most important computer components and the choice of motherboard plays a significant role in the performance and functionality of computers. Because the potential of the acquired processors, memory and many other computer parts can be used in the best way, thanks to the motherboards. In addition, the richness of data transmission … Read more

5 Best Motherboard For Workstation PC

The modular motherboard concept that we are familiar with and familiar with today was created in the 1980s by Patty McHugh, an IBM engineer. Its development made it possible to greatly simplify the way in which the various hardware components interacted and, therefore, also facilitated the design of computers. Today, motherboards are an indispensable element of computers and a … Read more

The 5 Best Motherboard For Intel X Series

The motherboard is the central pillar on which any PC is built, a well-deserved title, since on it we will have to connect such important components as the processor, RAM, graphics card and storage unit. In effect, the motherboard acts as a link between the different components of the PC, either totally or partially. For example, the fans are not installed … Read more

5 Best Motherboard For Home Use PC

We must take into account several concepts when choosing a motherboard for home use pc: Components: Buying a good board should involve choosing good components, for example phases and capacitors. Asus has its Digi + technology , Gigabyte the Ultra Durable and MSI the Military Class. We believe that they are the benchmark in the sector . Cooling: We must choose between passive cooling (without fans), with a fan or … Read more

Best AMD Motherboards for Overclocking in 2021

AMD is in fashion, we cannot doubt that. And it is based on a program that , not without difficulties along the way, has endured the transition of period, has been updated, computing importance, brand-new processors and new features, too earmarking the sought-after ameliorates. For these considerations and since all symbols have liberated their AM4 … Read more