Does Motherboard Increase FPS?

However, if you have a video card that is powerful enough, you should enable both of these options. If you do the test, you can understand for yourself. I used vertical sync and triple buffers in all my tests for example . -So my FPS sometimes went up very significantly (depending on location).

System and environment

For a comfortable game, you must have enough RAM for the game. If you have less than 2 GB of RAM, it is better to close all programs you don’t need, such as ICQ, Skype, background defrag, desktop widgets, players (especially iTunes) and other unnecessary software.

Also, some antivirus and firewalls have a “gaming” mode that optimizes the system so that the antivirus does not slow down.

In general, the goal is to get as much RAM as possible. You can also enter the task manager in the following combinations: CTRL + Shift + ESC (at the same time) to see which process is using more RAM and processor resources. Don’t close a process of unclear purpose! This can lead to system errors.

How World of Tanks ran the FPS test

I ran a series of tests measuring FPS with various graphic settings. In addition to the settings of the game itself, I edited the file. In preferences.xml , I also changed the settings of the video card already discussed above.

The purpose of the test- to specify the optimal settings for obtaining maximum FPS in World of Tanks games. You can also do these tests yourself to set the maximum possible graphics settings for a comfortable game, so the article is explained in great detail.

We recommend that everyone perform the same tests as everyone has different hardware and the same game settings may not work the same on different computers.

I used the program to read the FPS. Peuraep ( is still able to record a \ u200b \ u200b video, but has faced the task does not require this feature. Of course, you can be guided by the frames per second counter built into the game, but Fraps has one distinct advantage.

We’re talking about writing FPS indicators in log files which are very convenient for my tests because they show the FPS statistics clearly. Writing to the log is done by pressing the hotkey (F11 by default), and you can optionally run the log for a limited amount of time.

I set 100 seconds, this is enough. You can ride the tank in 100 seconds, twist the camera and join the battle. In general, you can do a stress test on your video card. Logs are written to the following two files:

  • Text indicating average, minimum and maximum FPS values;
  • Table in CSV format (Excel) with FPS per second displayed.

What Is FPS?

It is also expressed as FPS, abbreviation frames per second , abbreviation frame rate (or frame frequency). Hertz (Hz). Indicates how often a continuous image (frame) appears on the display.

Specifically, a game’s FPS refers to the number of frames the graphics card renders and the number of frames the monitor displays per second. For example, 1 FPS means you can only see one image per second.

FPS is determined by the graphics card’s processing power and the monitor’s refresh rate, and is not a stable value. Instead, it always fluctuates, regardless of the performance of the system you are using or the performance of the game you are playing.

However, if you get a higher FPS, the fluctuation is less noticeable. To check your computer’s current FPS, go to: Click Settings > Scheme > Display Advanced display settings . The FPS is displayed here as follows: Refresh rate (Hz) .

As a game enthusiast, you may have paid a lot of attention to the game’s FPS for a better visual and gaming experience. However, sometimes the FPS can fluctuate to a rather low level.

You can ask questions like this: Why is my FPS so low?

Any people mistakenly think that low FPS is due to network problems, but that’s not true. As mentioned earlier, low FPS is actually related to the performance of games and computers, and is essentially caused by game lag network issues.

The game is lagging and high pings , there may be a problem with the game server, or there may be a network problem between the computer and the server. However, if the frame rate is low, the reasons are different.

  • Your graphics card is out of date.
  • Insufficient RAM and CPU resources.
  • Many applications or processes are running in the background.
  • There are several problems with the hard drive.

In most cases, the higher the FPS, the better. When you get a high FPS, many frames per second are displayed, making the image smoother and more natural. This is very important when playing games.

This is because it allows you to react more actionably in an in-game environment that is more responsive to changes happening. Of course, the high FPS will improve the visual experience, especially for games that use motion capture technology.

After all, if you can only watch a few frames per second, your game will be more like a slideshow than an animation.

There are several common FPS ratings.

  • 30 FPS : This is the most common FPS for console games and some low-end PCs and is considered the minimum requirement to play the game.
  • 60 FPS : This is the ideal FPS, and the maximum FPS that can be displayed on regular monitors and TVs.
  • 120FPS : Can only display on a 144Hz refresh rate monitor, the hardware requirements are high.
  • 240FPS : It’s a peak FPS and can only display on a 240Hz refresh rate monitor, and at a higher cost you definitely need better hardware.

As you can see, users will improve their FPS as soon as possible, and some game enthusiasts will be willing to spend a lot of money on hardware for better FPS like 120 and 240 FPS.

I don’t know if I know the firmware of Asus motherboards, the iGPU memory allocation for intermediate to high-end motherboards is limited to 512 MB, and there is no option to set High Precision Even Timer (abbreviated HPET) at all.

Asus motherboard cannot turn off HPET (Z170-A) HPET will be turned on the motherboard (if there is a’High precision event timer’ in the system device field in Device Manager, it will be turned on.)

Since it cannot be turned off, according to another article, it is better to use HPET by default because it has to synchronize with other timers when HPET is turned on, and it cannot be turned off. I just used the platform clock.

So, since I used HPET as the default timer for DPC latency, it increased by about 100us. Well, it is still a latency value that is not unreasonable for real-time processing of audio interface audio streams.