what motherboards support 10th gen intel

What Motherboards Support 10th-GEN Intel

The 10th gen is Intel’s latest addition to its Comet Lake-S series processors. It is a flagship the best processor having 10 cores and 20 threads.

It had been a while since we last reviewed all of our new releases , so the latest major releases are timely because there is a lot of IT work. We are therefore focusing this week on the CPUs with the Comet Lake-S and Z490 motherboards doing well. 

The competitor AMD is not inactive either with its new Ryzen 3. We end with a good breath of fresh air – or pink, it depends on – with the MSI Prestige 14 A10SC laptop.

More For Less

Families of processors are constantly renewing themselves. At Intel, it’s almost annual if not more. So it’s time to welcome the 10th generation of Intel Core desktop processors, dubbed Comet Lake-S (short Comet Lake already existing on a laptop, are you following?). This is an evolution of the 14nm Skylake platform.

In summary, the founder offers higher frequencies and more cores than the previous generation at more affordable prices. 

We also note the return of deactivatable hyperthreading, the integration of Optane flash memory and the support of Wi-Fi 6. These CPUs, in pre-order, are based on a new socket, the LGA1200, and therefore require a card. -mother compatible but we come …

What Type of Motherboards Support 10th-GEN Intel

If you are looking for a 10th gen gaming motherboard , the Z490 type will be the best choice to buy.

Also be sure to choose the best GPU for 10th gen for outstanding gaming performance.

Intel’s 10th-generation desktop version of the Core processor this time, although it still uses the old technology and old architecture, but it has changed the interface type. The new interface type is LGA1200. In order to match the new interface, Intel also released the 400 series. The motherboard of the chipset.

The 400 series chipsets are: entry-level H410, mainstream B460/H470, and high-end Z490. (There are also W480 for server workstation level and Q470 for enterprise level)

Here we mainly focus on the H410, B460/H470, and Z490 models, which correspond to entry-level, mainstream, and high-end models respectively.

Under normal circumstances, the 10th generation cpu and motherboard matching recommendations are as follows:

what motherboards support 10th gen intel

The 10th generation i3 series can be matched with the H410 motherboard. The tenth-generation i5 is matched with B460 or H470. If the suffix is ​​”K”, it is best to match with Z490. The tenth-generation i7 can be used with B460/H470 or Z490 without the suffix of K. Those with K will use Z490 and the tenth generation i9 will use Z490.

Summary: What motherboard is equipped with the tenth generation Core Duo? Does the 10th generation u need to change the motherboard?

If you are an old platform and want to upgrade to a tenth generation cpu, then the motherboard must be replaced. The interface type of the tenth generation Core is the brand-new LGA1200, which must be matched with the 400 series chipset.

The specific matching suggestions have been explained in detail in the article. But so far, only Z490 of the 400 series chipset is currently on sale, and several other models will need to be brewed for some time before they will be officially launched.

With the launch of Intel’s 10th generation CPU these days, I think there are many people who are thinking of assembling PCs and thinking about assembly estimates toward Intel. ​ It is said to be the 3rd generation Ryzen for cost performance, but even though it is a bone, Intel’s CPU is still being welcomed by game users. ​

I would like to recommend the motherboard to users who do not even think about overclocking when assembling the Intel 10th Gen CPU desktop. ​ ASUS TUF Gaming B460M-PLUS STCOM is Asus’ tough gaming series. ASUS TUF Gaming B460M-PLUS STCOM motherboard is a product released as a board of M-ATX, as you can see from the naming. ​

It was released by STCOM, and the free warranty is fully supported for 3 years. Users who are thinking about overclocking should buy the Z490 board, but those who use Intel’s 10th generation i7-10700 or i5-10600 CPU will show enough durability and performance with the B460 board. ​ ​

It is the main board to choose the most for those who value cost performance and give an assembly estimate. Intel 10th generation CPU is released and the socket is changed to Intel 1200 standard, so it is not compatible with the existing motherboard. Therefore, in order to upgrade to the Intel 10th generation CPU, it is necessary to purchase a motherboard. ​

The power supply is DIGI + VRM to provide the industry’s highest level of smooth and clean power, while the TUF choke and capacitor are stable, with a temperature tolerance of 20% higher than the standard, and 5 times longer life and durability.

The performance and stability enjoyed in the background of up to 10 cores and 20 threads on the 14nm process is driving the demand for Intel 10th generation processors. 

As generations evolve, tasks that were burdened by previous generations become more flexible and efficiency increases as well, so the benefits provided by better technologies to users are unfolding in a better direction.

The industry insists with one voice. The mainboard is the key to how to properly use the 10th generation core processor. Unlike the previous generation, it is recommended to use the mainboard using the new motherboard Z490, H470, B460, H410 chipset, and the socket is changed to 1200, making it difficult to operate in a 1152v2-based environment.